GDPS Global - GM 4.1 Implementation Workshop - U8GDPS3G

Training Summary
This workshop is intended for IBM technical professionals (IT specialists, IT architects, technical sales specialist, etc.) who will be involved in implementing or architecting a GDPS Global - GM (Previously known as GDPS/Global Mirror). Project managers who will manage a GDPS/Global Mirror implementation project will also benefit. The workshop is also intended for technical customer staff (systems programmers, storage specialists, automation specialists, operations/production control specialists, etc.) who are new to GDPS and are looking to develop GDPS skills because their job directly or indirectly involves GDPS. Note that customer attendance is restricted to customers with a valid GDPS Global - GM license.
This workshop is restricted to employees of enterprises with an existing, valid GDPS Global - GM license. Students should have a good working knowledge in one of the following areas:
  • Storage and/or remote copy administration/management
  • z/OS and Sysplex management
  • Automation
In addition to the above background skill requirements, you are expected to have read 'GDPS - An Introduction to Concepts and Capabilities', available as a Redpiece at URL:
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Service Perform Specialist or qualified Customer with experience in one or more of the following areas:
  • Parallel Sysplex implementation:
  • System Automation for z/OS implementation and customization
  • Remote Copy (PPRC) implementation for Disaster Recovery
It is expected that these skills will not be contained in one person. All of these skills are needed to perform the GDPS service, therefore, the GDPS engagement will be done as a team. The team is expected to consist of a Systems, a Storage and an automation person along with a project manager.
Course Topics
  • GDPS Global - GM Overview
  • Global Mirror/Overview + Labs
  • GDPS HMC Automation Infrastructure
  • GDPS Global - GM Installation + Customization & GDPS/Global Mirror Customization Lab (GDPS policy and GEOMPARM Customization)
  • GDPS Standard Actions & Standard Actions lab (Site Table customization and GDPS operations)
  • GDPS Planned Actions (scenarios/scripts) & Planned Actions Lab (code and execute fail over scenario)
  • Other GDPS offerings - Overview and positioning

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