Git: Comprehensive Local Repository Maintenance

This course is for those who work with Git and need to learn techniques to manage their local repository. This course looks at some familiar commands in greater detail and adds in others which may be new to students. Promoting the Git workflow of leveraging branches, the course begins by re-examining branches with a focus on gaining experience with the various merge strategies: what they are and how to choose the right one for the job. Central to Git are commits, but finding the commit object needed can be difficult. In this training students will learn about some useful commands to navigate the local repository, and practice working directly with git objects to gain control over the stored resources. With mastering the skill to find and identify Git objects, a number of key commands will be covered to empower the students with the ability to organize and manage commits to ensure their local repository is optimal and ready to share. Problems will and do arise, so it is important to practice working with Git tools to troubleshoot and fix issues. The training concludes with strategies for managing large and growing projects, as well as options for automating predictable and repetitive tasks.
Foundational Git experience and knowledge are required including:
  • core concepts of how git works
  • creating and adding files to the local repository
  • creating and navigating branches
Familiar with how to run git commands is assumed Comfortable working in bash (unix shell) is highly beneficial
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for developers regularly using Git who want to deepen their knowledge and ability to maintain their local repository in an optimal state.
  • Working with Branches
  • Understanding Commits
  • Troubleshooting in Git
::Controlling Commits
  • Scripting for Git
  • Enterprise Git Repositories

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