GlusterFS Storage Administration

Training Summary
This an advanced Linux storage course that covers the administration of the popular GlusterFS distributed filesystem. Storage administrators and advanced Linux administrators will learn GlusterFS for a highly available, reliable software-defined storage system on commodity hardware. This course covers installation, brick management, volume management, Geo-Replication, advanced administration, snapshotting, and troubleshooting.
An intermediate knowledge of the Linux operating system is required. The equivalent knowledge can be found in the GL120 "Linux Fundamentals" and GL250 "Enterprise Linux Systems Administration" courses.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for storage administrators and advanced Linux administrators.
Course Topics
  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Volume Types
  • Geo-Replication
  • Managing Volumes
  • GlusterFS Clients
  • ACLs and Quotas
  • IP Failover
  • United File and Object Storage
  • Troubleshooting

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