Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

This course teaches students how to create Web front-ends using the GWT. The student will learn how to create web pages using GWT widgets using Java, Eclipse, and CSS. In addition, command line project creation and testing of GWT applications is included. Starting with code development through compiling Java artifacts into optimized JavaScript for all major browsers is demonstrated in practical workshops. This course provides a foundation in developing front-end modules with GWT widgets, panels, events and other facilities provided by Google. Debugging and performance considerations are also addressed.
Experience in the following areas is required:Six months experience with the Java programming languageBasic understanding HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for Web developers, programmers, and project managers.
The Big Picture::Creating a GWT Project::Designing an Application::Build the User Interface in Java::Managing Events on the Client::Code Functionality in the Client::Debugging the Application::Applying Styles::Deploying the Application

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