Gradle In-Depth for Native C Applications

Training Summary
The Gradle In-Depth training course is an extensive hands-on three day Gradle training course for build masters and developers who are authoring their builds. Participants will learn how to use the Gradle build system to substantially increase their productivity. This Gradle training class first runs through some Groovy fundamentals and then moves quickly into thorough in-depth coverage of the Gradle build system. This course puts additional emphasis and focus on building Native C applications and the Gradle C/C++ plugin. Participants will spend a significant portion of the class with their hands on the keyboard, learning by doing, working through lab exercises designed to build on the presented material and explore the depths of Gradle. This class can take you from complete newcomer status to Gradle competence. Due to the in-depth treatment of the topics it is also very suitable for people who have experience working with Gradle. The class will be delivered by a Gradle Core Developer which gives you access to the deepest Gradle knowledge available. No question will remain unanswered.
Exposure to building C and/or C++ applications is assumed. Some code is initially easier to understand if you also have a basic understanding of the Groovy language but not a prerequisite. There will be a very short introduction to Groovy at the beginning of the course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for native developers and build masters who want to build C/C++ applications with Gradle. New and experienced users are encouraged to attend the Gradle In-depth training. This class has something for every level of Gradle user.
Course Topics
  • The Gradle Project
  • The Groovy Language
  • Gradle Introduction
  • Tasks
  • Logging
  • Plugins
  • Working with Files
  • Extending the Model
  • Task Inputs and Outputs
  • The C/C++ Plugin
  • Build Variants
  • Multiproject Builds
  • The Build Runtime

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