Groovy and Grails

Many have heard the buzz around Grails (a full-stack web-app platform that “attempts to solve as many pieces of the web development puzzle”) and the Groovy language (since 2004, one of the most powerful dynamic languages for the JVM). However, how many can leverage the full power of the platform? Maybe you've heard about frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Django or TurboGears and would like to achieve similar benefits in your development shop? Don’t let DHH and the Rails community have all the fun... This workshop is intended to be a solid and pragmatic introduction to using Grails & Groovy at work, or for those advocating or promoting such rapid development frameworks to management. Read on to learn more!
To take this course, you should know how to code (and test) in Java. You should be able to answer most of the following questions: • What is a difference between a class and an object? • What is the difference between static and non-static field? • What is the difference between extends and implements keywords? • What is an anonymous inner class? What is the purpose of @Override?
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
The condensed, one week course is designed for those already familiar with basics of Java SE and web-app development. Perhaps you’ve worked with Spring or Java Server Faces? Experience on Java Enterprise edition or with the Spring Framework would be especially helpful.
Introducing Grails: Bringing back the fun to development on the JVM
  • Building Your App: Domain-driven development and view scaffolding
  • Advanced Views: Templates, dashboards, and the new world of client-side Javascript
  • Getting Your App Ready for Staging and Production
  • Wrap-up and Review In-Class App Project

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