H4311S PERL programming

This course provides system administrators, programmers, and technical users with the basics of Perl programming. Topics include: Perl program syntax and structure, control and data structures, file processing, use of pattern matching, skills needed for doing system administration with Perl (e.g. running system commands and checking return codes), creating functions, processing fixed-width or binary files, importing and using modules (including object-oriented modules), and programming CGI. The course is 40 percent lecture and 60 percent hands-on labs using HP servers.
UNIX Fundamentals (51434S) or Equivalent UNIX experience including using the editor and navigating directories and Basic programming experience in C or Java or another high level programming language or an operating system command shell (csh, ksh, or POSIX)
5 Days Lecture/Lab
System administrators, programmers, and technical users.
  • Understand the use of Perl modules, such as Sockets
  • Write basic CGI programs that are secure

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