H4322S POSIX Shell programming

This course covers advanced POSIX shell programming for technical users and system administrators. You will learn the tools necessary to automate complex tasks and increase productivity. The format of your course is 50 percent lecture and 50 percent hands-on.
UNIX Fundamentals (HP 51434S) or equivalent experienceFundamental knowledge of programming
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
HP-UX and UNIX general users, system and network administrators and software developers.
  • Introduction to POSIX shell scripts
  • Shell scripting
  • Variables
  • User input
  • Designing program output
  • Shell arithmetic
  • Branching and logic testing
  • Shell patterns
  • Program loops
  • The 'getopts' Command
  • Array variables
  • Functions and function libraries
  • Managing input and output
  • Traps and signals
  • Regular expressions
  • Introduction to 'awk'
  • Variables, strings and arithmetic operations
  • 'awk' flow control
  • Stream editing with 'sed'

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