H5875S HP-UX for Experienced UNIX System Administrators

This fast-paced intensive course is designed for experienced Tru64, AIX, Solaris, Linux, or other UNIX administrators who need to understand the differences between HP-UX and standard UNIX. It is essential that students have existing UNIX system administration experience. Successful completion of the course will help prepare students for the HP-UX Certified System Administrator (CSA) certification exam. The 5-day course is 50 percent lecture and 50 percent hands-on labs using HP servers.
Existing knowledge and system administration experience of a version of UNIX
5 days/Lecture & Lab
Experienced UNIX system administrators who are new to HP-UX
  • Navigating the System Management Homepage (SMH)
  • Configuring Hardware
  • Configuring Device Special Files
  • Managing Disk Devices
  • Managing File Systems
  • Managing Swap Space
  • Maintaining Logical Volumes and File Systems
  • Preparing for Disasters
  • Accessing the System Console and the iLO/MP
  • Booting PA-RISC Systems
  • Booting Integrity Systems
  • Managing System Startup
  • Configuring IP Connectivity
  • Configuring the HP-UX Kernel
  • Managing Software with SD-UX
  • Managing Patches with SD-UX
  • Managing Depots with SD-UX
  • Installing the OS with Ignite/UX

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