H6773S StorageWorks XP 1: Configuration and Management

This 5-day course introduces students to the XP disk array terminology, function, architecture, and configuration. Students will get configuration practice on our XPs with LUN and Volume Management, Data Replication using Business Copy and Continuous Access, Performance Advisor, Disk and Cache partitioning and Command View XP Advanced Edition. In addition we will cover the concepts of External Storage, Thin Provisioning, and Snapshot XP. This training incorporates updated releases of Command View XP Advanced Edition and Performance Advisor.
RequiredKnowledge of networks and the storage administration tasks for the OS the XP will serve It is also beneficial to have and understanding of SANsRecommendedAccelerated SAN Essentials (UC434S) SAN Fundamentals WBT (U5527aae)
5 Days Lecture/Lab
Storage administrators responsible for the configuration and management of HP StorageWorks XP disk arrays
  • Understand the architecture of the HP StorageWorks XP Disk Arrays
  • Use Remote Web Console
  • Use XP Command View Advanced Edition
  • Set the Fibre Port Topology for the XP ports
  • Configure LUNs
  • Use the Volume Manager to create LUSE and Custom Size Volumes
  • Understand how to implement LUN Security
  • Use MPIO or Secure Path/Autopath to handle multiple paths to a LUN
  • Understand XP replication products: Business Copy XP, Snapshot XP, and Continuous Access XP
  • Understand and use the RAID manager for Business Copy
  • Use Performance Advisor software
  • Describe the purpose of additional XP software products including External Storage and Thin Provisioning

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