HA400V-v017 ABAP Programming for SAP HANA

At the end of this course, students will be able to:
  • Develop more concise and well-performing ABAP programs using new features of the ABAP programming language.
  • Develop and optimize ABAP applications that access data stored in the SAP HANA Database.
  • Basic Knowledge of SAP HANA
  • ABAP Workbench Foundations
  • ABAP Objects
  • Experience in ABAP Programming, esp. Open SQL (joins, views, aggregations)
  • The SAP HANA 360 Introduction course provides a good understanding of SAP HANA, and it is highly recommended for participants who want to attend this course.
  • SQL Basics for HANA
  • ABAP Programming in Eclipse
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This ABAP Programming for SAP HANA course is for developers and consultants who are familiar with programming database access using ABAP and ABAP Objects programming and want to learn how to use SAP HANA to speed up such access. The course covers many new features for database access that are not limited to SAP HANA as underlying database. Those who can benefit from the course include:
  • Application Consultant
  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant
  • Introduction
  • Taking ABAP to SAP HANA
  • Database Independent Code-to-Data
  • SAP HANA specific Code-to-Data
  • Consuming SAP HANA Objects in ABAP
  • Advanced Topics

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