HB505S HP-UX VERITAS Volume Manager

This hands-on course covers the configuration and administration of VERITAS Volume Manager (VxVM) for HP-UX. Covering basic procedures to advanced configuration and recovery topics, the course is 50 percent lecture and 50 percent hands-on.
HP-UX System and Network Administration I & II (H3064S & H3065S) or Equivalent HP-UX administration experience
4 Days Lecture/Lab
HPUX system administrators, systems engineers, and technical support representatives responsible for systems that use the VERITAS Volume Manager.
  • Install the VxVM software
  • Manage DMP and nMP multipathed LUNs
  • View your VxVM configuration
  • Configure, extend, reduce, deport, import, and destroy disk groups
  • Configure, extend, reduce, move, and destroy volumes
  • Manage mirrored volumes
  • Manage striped and RAID5 volumes
  • Manage layered volumes
  • Manage VxVM boot disks
  • Convert LVM volume groups to VxVM disk groups
  • Replace and recover failed disks, volumes, and plexes

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