HCL BigFix Content & Relevance v10

Training Summary
In this class students will learn about using the BigFix policy language known as Relevance. Topics covered will teach BigFix users about the underlying principles, syntax and constructs of the Relevance language. This will allow students to manipulate existing BigFix-provided content, but also create their own custom properties, analyses, Fixlets, Tasks, Baselines and other content. The first two days of the class are dedicated to understanding basic Relevance, whereas the third day will delve into advanced Relevance concepts and Action Script.
Students should have: Basic Microsoft Windows, basic coding skills and have previously taken the AIS BigFix Operator Fundamentals course or equivalent experience.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is for students wanting to learn BigFix policy language known as Relevance.
Course Topics
  • Gain an understanding of BigFix Relevance and Action Script
  • Learn about how BigFix Content is organized including Domains and Sites
  • Learn how to examine BigFix Content and the differences between Fixlets and Tasks
  • Learn about Baselines, Computer Groups, Properties, Analyses and Actions
  • Learn about BigFix content authoring tools and how to use them to write Relevance
  • Learn how to create BigFix content using Relevance
  • Create Content Using the BigFix Console and WebUI

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