HCL BigFix Inventory v10

Training Summary
BigFix Inventory provides valuable insight into what software your organization owns—and what software has installed but does not own—along with how often the software is being used. It supports better planning, budgeting and hardware and software license compliance, while mitigating security risk. In this course, you will learn to interact and operate the BigFix Inventory solution. You will gain a solid understanding of the various components of the solution and will be able to configure, operate, develop reports, perform maintenance tasks, and troubleshoot BigFix Inventory.
Students should have: basic Microsoft Windows skills and have previously taken AIS BigFix Operator Fundamentals course, or equivalent experience.
1 day Lecture/Lab
This course is designed for students who have taken the AIS BigFix Operator Fundamentals course.
Course Topics
  • Overview including key concepts, features and functions of BigFix Inventory
  • Configure and Operate BigFix Inventory including optimization
  • Create a wide variety of reports for different stakeholders in the organization
  • Deployment tasks and technologies
  • Maintain BigFix Inventory
  • Troubleshoot BigFix Inventory

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