HCL BigFix Operator Fundamentals 9.5 (U5BFX10G)

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HCL BigFix Operator Fundamentals 9.5 (U5BFX10G)

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BigFix combines endpoint and security management into a single solution that enables users to see and manage fixed, mobile, physical and virtual endpoints on more than 90 different operating system versions. In addition to ensuring that all of a company’s systems are patched and secure, BigFix automates time-intensive tasks across complex networks, queries endpoints in real-time for the presence of malicious files, allows for quick software installations, performs advanced automation, and allows for simple remote control with just a few clicks. This course will present knowledge to help BigFix administrators and operators develop the foundation knowledge they need to successfully leverage BigFix in their managed environments.

Before taking this course, students should have basic Microsoft Windows experience.

3 Days/Lecture & Lab

This Course is designed for BigFix administrators.

  • Welcome to the BigFix Family!
  • What can BigFix do for you?
  • Identifying the BigFix suite components.
  • A modular approach to meeting your operational requirements.
  • Let’s take a look at the latest and greatest features of BigFix.cies!
  • How BigFix works under the covers.
  • Message flow - Discovering the flow of how action directives make it to endpoints and back to the BigFix server.
  • Let’s discover the console!
  • Workflow – Get your work done with the BigFix Console
  • Optimizing your BigFix Console experience
  • What is the Web UI?
  • Navigating the Web UI
  • Discovering the Apps menu
  • How do I find patches in the Web UI?
  • Let’s deploy some patches!
  • Looking for something? Let’s learn about Query
  • Headaches keeping up with patches? Let’s automate with policies!
  • What is content?
  • What are Fixlets, Tasks and Baselines and when should I use them?
  • Take Action!
  • Discovering Analyses and Properties
  • How to use custom computer properties to unleash the power of BigFix
  • Get organized with Content Sites!
  • Learn how to secure your BigFix ::Environment using Roles and Users
  • Minimize administrative overhead using ::Computer Groups!
  • Structure of a Patch in BigFix
  • Patch-specific Features and how to use them
  • Where do patches come from?
  • Are patches for all operating systems created equal?
  • Patch Process: Is there a method to the madness?
  • How are patches deployed?
  • Customizing deployments to fit any situation
  • To Deploy or not to deploy: Superseded Fixlets
  • Blacklisting: Hiding undesirable content
  • Whitelisting: Showing only what you want them to see
  • Automating deployments using execution parameters
  • Configuring and deploying non-Windows patches
  • Set and Forget: WebUI Patch Policies
  • Patch Sequencing across multiple endpoints
  • Configure and use web reporting
  • How to access the Web Reports Interface
  • List and generate existing reports
  • Explore and Filter Data
  • Create Custom Reports
  • Export Report Data

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