HF858S HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Press; Service and Repair for Shared Maintenance Trained Operators

The Level 3 course is a service level maintenance and advanced repair training program for HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Press; Shared Maintenance trained operators. The course focuses on the operation, interaction and theory of function of the mechanical, electronic, process, pneumatic, fluid, heat transfer, PLC, motion control and substrate transport systems on the HP Indigo press WS4xxx. Participants will learn how to apply theoretical knowledge, hands-on troubleshooting and maintenance skills to resolve problems, install SW patches and implement hardware field change orders.
A person who meets requirements for the Level 3 course has a background of: Successfully completed HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Press; Shared Maintenance training U8510S A minimum of 3 months experience on the HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Press after completing the HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Press; Shared Maintenance training Must have Laptop, running Microsoft Windows 2000-XP with available Serial Port Knowledge of electrical & electronics, system schematics and PC/ Windows Has good mechanical repair skills Has experience using electronic test equipment
8 Days
Qualified HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Press Shared Maintenance Trained Operators who will be required to perform service routines that include repair, troubleshooting, corrective maintenance and preventative maintenance on the HP Indigo WS4xxx Digital Press
  • Understand of operation and interaction the major subassemblies
  • Troubleshoot and repair electrical and electronic problems
  • Troubleshoot and repair mechanical and pneumatic sub systems.
  • Work with technical support specialists to solve complex problems
  • Properly observe safety precautions to diagnose problems and perform repairs
  • Be able to perform mandatory preventive maintenance functions at prescribed intervals
  • Perform a system back-up and full software installation
  • Perform installations and Field Change Orders (FCO's) as required

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