HF869S HP Capacity Advisor and Global Workload Manager

This hands-on course supports the Virtual Server Operating Environment on HP-UX 11i v3, also known as HP Insight Dynamics-VSE. HP's advanced infrastructure management software lets you continuously analyze and optimize your adaptive infrastructure. Use Systems Insight Manager, Virtualization Manager, Capacity Advisor, Global Workload Manager, Instant Capacity, Process Resource Manager, and other tools. See how the tools work together to manage your systems and workloads. The 5-day course is 50% percent lecture and 50% percent hands-on labs
HP-UX system and network administration I (H3064S) and HP-UX system and network administration II (H3065S) or HP-UX for experienced UNIX system administrators (H5875S) or Equivalent system administration experience and HP Systems Insight Manager (HK712S or HB508S)
5 Days Lecture/Lab
Experienced HP-UX system administrators
  • Describe the VSE components
  • Install and configure VSE
  • Use Virtualization manager to view systems and workloads
  • Use Capacity Advisor to perform systems capacity planning and VM consolidations
  • Perform basic troubleshooting of VSE

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