HG813S HP BladeSystem Hardware Installation and Configuration (c-Class)

This is a 2-day hands-on training course featuring physical hands-on installation and initial setup experience with a variety of HP c-Class BladeSystem hardware
HP recommends that students have attained the following credentials or levels of experience before taking this course: Introduction to HP BladeSystems WBT (HE642aae) Basic computer hardware and site setup experience
Hardware installers and initial site setup engineers responsible for HP c-Class BladeSystem hardware installation and initialization. This course is also useful for on-going System Administration
Describe the BladeSystem c-Class portfolio::Explain the BladeSystem management tools::Identify different c-Class enclosures::Describe the features and components of the HP BladeSystem c-Class enclosures::Explain the numbering schemes for device bays, interconnect bays and fans::Explain how to cable Onboard Administrator modules::Discuss HP BladeSystem enclosure installation::List the initial steps involved in setting up the c7000 enclosure::Describe the different options of attaching a DVD-ROM drive to the c-Class enclosures::Describe the power architecture used in HP BladeSystem c-Class systems::Describe Thermal Logic technology::Describe the cooling technologies designed for the BladeSystem c-Class systems::List the features and benefits of BladeSystem c-Class server blades::Describe the server blades that constitute the BladeSystem c-Class portfolio::Describe Virtual Connect and Flex-10 technology and how they work::Explain how the BladeSystem c-Class architecture supports fabric convergence::Describe the architecture of BladeSystem c-Class switch modules::Name the HP BladeSystem c-Class interconnect modules::Identify the mezzanine cards available for BladeSystem server blades::Describe the BladeSystem c-Class support services::Identify the diagnostic tools available for the BladeSystem c-Class::Maintain the BladeSystem c-Class drivers and firmware::Troubleshoot the components of a BladeSystem c-Class::Describe the use of diagnostic tools supported by ProLiant servers::Describe how to access each diagnostic tool::Use the diagnostic tools to gather information on a server

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