HH602SR Data Center Operations, Maintenance and Risk Reduction

This 3-day instructor-led course is designed to teach students the principles of Data Center Operations and Maintenance, including a focus on Risk Reduction through design strategies. Concepts related to risk tolearace and availabiltity are covered, as well as how data center investments can support high availability. Strategic elements for operational success are discussed, including operations/maintenance action plans and supporting resources that are available. This course is 100% lecture
An understanding of why data centers are necessary in meeting a business strategyAn understanding of how important applications are to meeting the business strategyAn understanding of how the IT architecture supports the business applicationsAn understanding of the importance of the data center facilities infrastructure in achieving the degree of availability required to meet the business strategy supported by the data centerFamiliarity with electrical and mechanical infrastructure used to provide power and cooling to IT equipment in the data centerFamiliarity with a data center environment and its typical operational needs
Data center IT managersData center facility managersIT and facility operations staff membersBusiness managersProject managersFinance managersData center clientsData center service support vendorsData center designersIT architecture designers
  • Explain why an investment in developing sound operational practices contributes to data center availability
  • Outline the key strategic elements in facility infrastructure operations that deliver high availability data center performance
  • Develop an action plan that incorporates the key strategic elements of sound data center operations practices
  • Identify the resources required to execute the action plans in a cost effective manner
  • Identify the facility infrastructure electrical systems in a data center and explain their purpose in achieving high availability
  • Explain the critical considerations essential to managing the electrical systems to optimum performance
  • Explain the critical considerations essential to managing the electrical systems to optimum performance
  • Identify related infrastructure systems (such as fire detection and suppression systems) which contribute to data center reliability
  • Explain the difference between reliability and availability and why both are important metrics for successful design
  • Explain what a Single Point Of Failure (SPOF) is, and why it is important
  • Describe how the use of reliability engineering reduces risk and improves data center designs

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