HK240S HP Scitex TJ8xxx Level 1 Service and Repair

The HP Scitex TJ8xxx Basic Service and Repair course is an extensive introduction to the HP-Scitex TJ8xxx machine and provides the basic knowledge to support its users. The course exposes the engineer to the machine's various systems and deepens his understanding of them. It also covers the machine's main features and way of operation. Finally, it prepares the engineer for supporting customers and dealing with common problems they are facing. The course is based on theoretical and practical sessions.
English comprehension at a technical level required for comprehending the course materialsExposure to the machineMandatory: At least one installation or one service call accompanying an experienced engineer
Service Engineers
  • Introduction to the Machine and its Systems
  • Theory and Practice Sessions of the Motion, Pneumatic, Ink and UV Systems
  • Basic Operation of the Machine
  • Installation Procedure and Leveling
  • Basic Troubleshooting

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