HK388S HP T200 Color Inkjet Web Press; Service and Support

This is a lecture-style and hands-on course introducing the fundamentals of the HP T200 Color Inkjet Web. The course covers the basic operational procedures including safety and basic troubleshooting. This is a highly interactive course where participants will experience the operation of the press and learn to repair, and perform maintenance and troubleshooting of the HP T200 Color Inkjet Web Press.
Background in printing technology (traditional press operation, prepress, graphic design)Basic computer skillsElectrical safety trainingExperience working with high voltage equipment (480V)Experience putting high voltage equipment into a safe state and checking the state of the machine using a meter.Experience working in electrical enclosuresUnderstanding of voltage, amperage, resistance and safetyAbility to use a multi-meterExperience with electrical schematics and symbolsComputer literacy: Installing programs on a computerComputer networking basicsPlumbing skillsUnderstanding of pneumatics and pneumatic symbols and drawings
HP customer engineers
  • Complete scheduled maintenance procedures
  • Describe the functions of components unique to the inkjet system such as ink storage and delivery, ink characteristics, the use of bonding agents, and print heads
  • Describe when and how to access additional support
  • List safety issues associated with the press in general and specific procedures
  • List the names, locations, and functions of all major components of the press
  • Perform advanced troubleshooting on the press
  • Perform basic operational tasks such as startup/shutdown, loading/unloading paper rolls, webbing and tensioning the press, priming and replacing print heads
  • Perform basic troubleshooting on the press and describe when and how to access additional support
  • Perform maintenance and repair tasks
  • Troubleshoot system-wide issues
  • Use the operational software

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