HK904S Managing HP 3PAR StoreServ II (00776792)

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This course covers Adaptive Optimization, Remote Copy, System Reporter (External and On-node), HP 3PAR Priority Optimization and QoS (Quality of Service), and HP 3PAR Data Migration (migrating from HP 3PAR to HP 3PAR, EMC to HP 3PAR, and EMC to HP 3PAR). Hands-on lab exercises help illustrate the concepts learned. The two-day course is 60 percent lecture and 40 percent hands-on labs using HP 3PAR arrays.

Managing HP 3PAR Disk Arrays (HK902S - 00775288) or equivalent knowledge

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

HP 3PAR administrators who desire introductory training on Adaptive Optimization, Remote Copy, System Reporter, Priority Optimization and Quality of Service and Data Migration

  • Adaptive Optimization
  • Remote Copy (RC)
  • System Reporter
  • QoS and Priority Optimization
  • Data Migration to HP 3PAR

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