HK922S Cloud Foundation

This 1-day lecture-only course provides students with an introduction to Cloud computing, understanding of what it is and how it relates to their own businesses. If you are trying to understand what is meant by "Cloud Computing" this one day seminar is designed to help clear away the fog and hype and explore the basic concepts behind today's Cloud-centric IT models. The class is based on an overview of standards based definitions with focus on a services based IT deployment model. IT decision makers and system administrators may find this an excellent first step for their journey towards the evolving IT Cloudscape.
Basic experience and knowledge of IT computing environments
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
Senior IT Managers Decision MakersHead of IT Architecture and/or Operation DepartmentAnyone with interest in gaining better understanding of the Cloud and Cloud solutions
  • Module 1: Cloud Foundations
  • Module 2: Cloud Models and Design
  • Module 3: Service Level Management, Standards and Governance in the Cloud
  • Module 4: Cloud foundations - A journey begins with a first step
  • Module 5: Implementing "best of breed"

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