HL050AAE Introduction to HP Midline Storage Solutions

Participants will gain a basic understanding of the capabilities of the P4000, EVA and 3PAR storage systems. General storage capacities and performance standards, hard drive requirements and advanced features such as snapshots, cloning and remote replication will also be covered.The participant will leave the class with a general understanding of how the three storage offerings are set up and how to administer the storage on a day to day basis. Knowledge of how the three systems differ in their approach to block level storage will also be gained.
Participants should have a basic knowledge of Storage Area Networks (SANs) as well as a general understanding of RAID concepts. Knowledge of general networking concepts and practices (both IP and fiber channel) is also required.
This seminar will give the participant exposure and a basic understanding of the midline storage offerings including:P4000Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA)3PAR

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