How to Build & Implement a Non-Invasive Data Governance™ Program

Training Summary
Data Governance and Data Stewardship programs are implemented to formalize data-related behavior, to improve the value that an organization gains from their data, to manage risk around the management of data, to improve communications, awareness and reliability around the use of data, and to improve compliance and audit-ability of data as well as to reduce / prevent business / technology costs.This 2-day workshop / course focuses on how to deliver an effective program that will rapidly improve the value the organization gains from managing data as a strategic asset, and help them to leverage data management investments including customer data integration and master data management implementations, package implementations, compliance and regulatory initiatives, data warehousing and business intelligence efforts, application integration efforts, ERP, CRM, content and knowledge management, and EAI efforts.
Before taking this course, students should have knowledge of issues that can be addressed by data management is a plus but there are no other prerequisites.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Participants in the workshop should be in a Business or Technical position to define a Non-Invasive Data Governance & data stewardship program for the organization including:Senior and Business ManagersBusiness Mid-Level and Senior Data ManagersData Owners, Data & Business AnalystsOperational (Day-to-Day) Data Stewards (people that define, produce and use data as part of their everyday job)Risk Management Staff, Security, Privacy, Classification, Compliance directors and staffInformation Technology ProfessionalsSolution and Data ArchitectsMeta-Data Managers, Data Modelers,
Course Topics
  • Defining the Key Terms, Purpose, Policy and Best Approach for Your Data Governance Program
  • Applying the Recognized Non-Invasive Data Governance Framework
  • Sharing the Approach with Management and ::Convincing Stakeholders (What to say/Not to say)
  • Gaining Senior Leadership Support, Sponsorship and Understanding
  • How to Assess Your Present State Against NIDG Best Practices
  • Building an Actionable Program Roadmap and ::Plan from Assessment Recommendations
  • Leveraging Business Glossaries, Data ::Dictionaries and Data Catalogs for Data Governance
  • Developing the Program Backbone – An ::Operating Model of Roles & Responsibilities
  • Building a Data Governance Communications Plan
  • Assuring Metadata Governance and ::Understanding It’s Relationship to Data Governance
  • How to Build and Use Proven Data Governance ::Tools and Templates
  • Using Tools to Advance Your Data Governance Program
  • Selling Data Governance to Your Organization
  • Operationalizing Data Governance and ::Addressing Future Opportunities
  • Delivering a Successful and Measurable Program Pilot
  • Immediate Application of the Information Provided in this Workshop
  • Delivery of the Customized Data Governance Framework

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