How to Deliver a Dynamic Presentation

The focus of this course is to teach the skills necessary to present information in a way that captures and maintains the audience's attention. Participants learn how to identify a purpose, and build the presentation to meet that purpose. Discussion and practice of presentation development and delivery skills create a hands-on, interactive, skill-building course.This course is based upon active learning, with rich, interactive exercises and applied experiences.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
For Management
  • Identify benefits of a powerful presentation
  • Learn ways to overcome nervousness
  • Review and apply six actions for preparing a dynamic presentation
  • Learn five questions to ask to gain a better understanding of their audience
  • Master ten techniques that add variety, interest, and emphasis to the presentation
  • Review the effective use of four types of visual aids: overhead, flip-chart, handouts and PowerPoint
  • Understand the power of the three V's: Visual, Verbal, and Vocal
  • Present an impromptu presentation using information learned
  • Learn six techniques for how to handle tough questions and trouble makers
  • Deliver a presentation that is video taped
  • Receive feedback on learned presentation skills
  • Create an action plan for future growth

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