How to Use Fast Packet Technology to Integrate Networks

This is an interactive course on how to use Fast Packet Technology (Frame Relay, SMDS and ATM) to link together corporate legacy, TCP/IP and NetWare networks. The course consists of foundation information on Fast Packet and IBM's Frame Relay, SMDS and ATM products: 3745, 3172, 3174, RS/6000, Nways, 8260, RS/6611, RouteXpander/2, AS/400, PS/2 and TurboWays. Numerous quizzes and a final case study exercise will prepare the student for encounters with technologists and decision makers.
The student should have a knowledge of computer networking.
3 Days/Lecture
This course is intended for technical, marketing, sales, support and engineering personnel.
  • Factors driving IBM users to upgrade their SNA networks
  • Layered network architecture and applications
  • IBM mainframe data centers
  • IBM distributed processors
  • Popular office and desktop products
  • How enterprise users can use frame relay
  • Switched multi-megabit data services
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode

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