HP-UX System Administration

Configure, troubleshoot, and manage an HP-UX server while learning about filesystems, space management, and system performance. Gain real-world experience such as recovering a crashed server and mirroring disks using LVM. Learn and use the command-line interface for each task as well as when it is best to use SAM.
Students should take ProTech's HP-UX Essentials for System Administrators or Unix Concepts course, plus have one year of Unix experience. Students must be comfortable using vi.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for administrators and operators.
  • HP-UX Operating System
  • System Administration Manager (SAM)
  • Account Management
  • Peripheral Configuration and Installation
  • Storage Structures
  • Space Management
  • System Backup and Recovery
  • Job Automation
  • Kernel Configuration
  • Printer Management
  • Software Distributor (SD-UX)
  • OS Sequences
  • File Systems
  • Performance Monitoring

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