Hyperautomation UiPath: An In-Depth Explanation

UiPath Hyperautomation

For those interested in streamlining their business processes, UiPath hyperautomation is an industry-leading option to get the most out of your workflow. 

The UiPath platform, as a resource for robotic process automation (RPA), was recently rated as the top RPA platform available today by Gartner Peer Insights. UiPath hyperautomation is also one of the most advanced features of RPA, but what exactly does it mean for developers and businesses?

What’s the Difference Between Automation and UiPath Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is an emerging trend that many organizations are just now starting to take advantage of—from quickly collecting data from emails with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automating restocking a retail space. 

On an entry level, RPA automates labor-intensive business tasks, like data entry, using software robots. Companies offload workflows made up of repetitive, simple tasks to bots. This way, they can make better use of valuable human resources and expert skills. The bots also help reduce costs and eliminate instances of human error.

Hyperautomation draws Industry 4.0 technologies into the world of automation to reach new capabilities, combining automation and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are both integral parts of hyperautomation, developing more sophisticated bots that can handle more complex tasks.



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Conventional automation pertains to the use of digital flow charts to navigate workflows with a few simple variables. Hyperautomation, on the other hand, goes beyond this to allow bots to analyze, design, discover, and carry out tasks far beyond simply reading and writing values from one spreadsheet to another.

What Is UiPath Hyperautomation?

The hyperautomation UiPathimplements in its platform relies on conventional RPA at its core and introduces further capabilities through AI, analytics, process mining, and other tools.

Natural language processing and intelligent optical character recognition provide a better link between humans and automation solutions. Hyperautomation can understand a broader range of commands drawn from plain English, rather than a predetermined set of acceptable key terms. 

Improved recognition allows for more accurate data transcription from a broader range of physical documents.

The platform is also straightforward to use and highly customizable. UiPath Assistant provides easy access to automation management. You’ll also find a robot apps assistant action center within the platform that lets you easily find unassigned, pending, and completed actions, along with detailed filtering options.


UiPath Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation also improves your ability to scale automation for business processes. Advanced analytics also help you monitor and assess the success and impact of hyperautomation.

The Complete UiPath Hyperautomation Platform

UiPath hyperautomation provides a comprehensive platform that developers can use to handle every step of the automation process.

  • Discovery: The platform implements powerful AI and intuitive use to allow teams to discover as many automation opportunities as possible.
  • Build: Drag and drop functionality and an extensive range of templates allows for intuitive automation creation.
  • Manage: Deploying, managing, and monitoring automation from anywhere is easy with UiPath’s automation cloud.
  • Run: Bots work seamlessly with the web services AWS, Microsoft, and other major platforms provide to open up as many workflows as possible.
  • Engage: Bots can work together with other bots and humans to automate entire processes.
  • Measure: The platform’s analytics allow for careful monitoring and measurement of automation outcomes.

Examples of UiPath Hyperautomation

UiPath hyperautomation provides benefits useful across a number of industries, including banking, insurance, and health care. UiPath hyperautomation provides benefits like:

  • Rapid scaling of automation
  • Letting businesses leverage workflow insights from stakeholders across the organization
  • Enabling processes that make the most of both human and bot resources
  • Keeping all aspects of automation within a single reliable platform

However, hyperautomation also expands the potential to the point that automation becomes a valuable tool in research, manufacturing, and countless other industries.

Hyperautomation makes it possible to automate workflows from start to finish. You’ll find that documents and communications, whether physical or digital, can be easily understood, and that you can set the appropriate actions into motion. An email request for a code of conduct report or other documents may require no human intervention at all.

Additionally, bots can simplify more complex interactions regarding product quality, sales, strategy planning, and more for the members of your team. For example, such tasks can include monitoring and managing stock levels, and ensuring records compliance.

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Published November 22, 2022