Hyperion Applied Planning Developer

Training Summary
This course has been developed for Version 11, and it is also available for System 9 and prior versions. The class begins with a general overview of Planning and Planning terms, the architecture of all the Planning components, and how they are commonly used. We go over all the steps to create an application from scratch. This involves some prep work outside of Planning and leads to developing the application in both the Planning Windows and Web clients. We modify existing dimensions and build out the hierarchies using the Web client.The next section of the course focuses on options available for building dimensions with Classic Planning. We cover the mechanics and cover strategies for automating the build process using the OutlineLoad utility, ODI and DIM. We finish up the section by reviewing data loads using Load Rules to load the Planning database. The course then focuses on tasks that end-users must perform during the planning cycle. We walk students through creating and modifying forms, working with forms to enter data, adding annotations, and the rest of the form features such as running business rules and managing task lists. We cover how to use the forms in the SmartView client. We finish up the end-user perspective by going through Workflow Management and the process of submitting a plan for review. The next section of the course covers Security and other administration topics such as automation and deployment. The last section of this class is dedicated to an overview of managing applications using EPM Architect. We go over managing dimensions, automating builds through raw data files or interface tables, and deploying to applications.
Students should have experience with Essbase Advantage Bootcamp, Essbase Fundamentals Builder or equivalent experience.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for developers.
Course Topics
  • Overview of Planning
  • Setting up an Application
  • Dimension Building Option for Classic
  • EPM Architect
  • Building Forms & Planning Bells and Whistles
  • Business Rules/Calculation Manager
  • SmartView Client
  • Workflow Management
  • Security and Administration

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