IBM Algorithmics Exposure Modeling in Risk and Financial Engineering Workbench (v5.0) - G1101G (ISDR)

Training Summary
IBM SPECIAL DELIVERY REQUIRED COURSE: This ISDR course cannot be scheduled without IBM approval. If interested in this course, please contact your Local training Administrator.This course provides a powerful new workspace for investigative risk analysis. Exposure Modeling shows how to expand the setup from a Market Risk centered view to a Credit Risk view. This course demonstrates the functionality of the Risk and Financial Engineering Workbench within the Algo One solutions area, and provides the participants with a hands-on experience utilizing various methods of risk modeling and analysis.
G1100 IBM Algorithmics Risk and Financial Engineering Workbench Migration or G1102 IBM Algorithmics Foundations of Risk and Financial Engineering Workbench
1 Day
Risk managers, Credit Risk managers Risk analysts, Business analysts, Capital and Compliance analysts, Financial analysts, and Quantitative analysts Regulatory Reporting officers, Financial Engineers
Course Topics
Please refer to Course Overview for description information. Learn about, Algorithmics, Algo Integrated Risk Reporting Platform

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