IBM Algorithmics Introduction to DataMart - G0100G (ISDR)

Training Summary
IBM SPECIAL DELIVERY REQUIRED COURSE: This ISDR course cannot be scheduled without IBM approval. If interested in this course, please contact your Local training Administrator.*** For inquiries and scheduling for this course,� please contact�[email protected] ***This is an IBM ISDR course.Datamart is a database schema and application that is used as a staging area for the loading of static and transaction data as well as a repository for keeping historical data.The datamart program is used to control all operations for Datamart except for the loading of data. These operations include pooling and processing input data, depooling calculation results, and persisting final results in the historical database.This course aims to educate systems integrators on how to integrate Datamart into their Algorithmics solution.Upon successful completion of the course the participant should be able to:Describe the technical architecture of Datamart and its role in the IBM� Algo One frameworkInstall and configure Datamart and integrate it with ARA and Algo BatchDescribe the concept of Solution Types and SolutionsSucessfully integrate the onboarding process into an IBM � Algorithmics solutionConfigure pooling, depooling and amendments.
You should have:Knowledge of Windows, the UNIX shell and being familiar with systems support and infrastructure as well as knowledge of IBM� Algo One and IBM� Algo Risk Application.The following courses are recommended pre-requisites: 'IBM Algorithmics Integrating Algo One' and 'IBM Algorithmics Integrating Algo Risk Application'.
1 Day
This advanced course is designed for technical support personnel, systems integrators and administrators and IT personnel that require an understanding of Datamart.
Course Topics
Please refer to Course Overview.*** For inquiries and scheduling for this course, please contact�[email protected] ***This is an IBM ISDR course. Cloud & Data Platform, Data and AI, AI Solutions & Apps Market, Financial Regulatory Tech Portfolio, Operational Risk Management

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