IBM AppScan Enterprise Foundations - TK301G

Training Summary
IBM AppScan Enterprise is a powerful tool that enables organizations to mitigate application security risk, strengthen application security program management initiatives, and achieve regulatory compliance. This course gives students a foundation in the basics of AppScan enterprise. Depending on their user roles, students can learn how to install ASE, administer the product, use the product to discover vulnerabilities in their web applications, and review results to remediate these vulnerabilities.
Before taking this course, make sure that you have the following skills: Web application security topics Internet technologies including HTTP, SQL, and JavaScript Windows administration
1.5 Days
This course is for AppScan Enterprise administrators, security experts, QuickScan users, executives, and other professionals new to AppScan Enterprise.
Course Topics
Describe at a high level how AppScan Enterprise discovers security vulnerabilities Plan for and install AppScan Enterprise in your environment Create and manage AppScan Enterprise users and groups Customize user settings Manage AppScan Enterprise folders and permissions Use the application view to manage scanned applications Configure administration settings to meet organizational requirements Configure test policies that meet your security needs Create dynamic scans that discover application vulnerabilities Create QuickScan templates AppScan Enterprise users can utilize to efficiently scan their websites Use QuickScan to configure a scan quickly Schedule scans that regularly monitor enterprise applications Use report packs and scan results to discover and analyze scan information in detail Use verbose logs and other critical logs to troubleshoot scans and resolve common problems, errors, and pain points

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