IBM Big SQL for Administrators (v5.0) - DW664G

Training Summary
This course is designed to introduce the student to some of the additional capabilities and the administration of IBM Big SQL. IBM Big SQL allows you to access your HDFS data by providing a logical view to it. You can use the same SQL that was developed for your data warehouse data on your HDFS data. This course covers Big SQL security using row and column access controls, impersonation, and data federation. The course also covers some of the best practices, performance tuning, and monitoring techniques, YARN integration and also includes an optional unit to explore a Big SQL installation.
Basic Linux knowledge Basic SQL knowledge Working knowledge with big data and Hadoop technologies
6 Hours
Administrators, Developers
Course Topics
Please refer to course overview. Learn about, Cloud & Data Platform, Data and AI, Information Architecture Market, Databases and Warehouse Portfolio, Db2

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