IBM BigInsights Big SQL - DW633G

Training Summary
This course is designed to introduce you to the capabilities of Big SQL. Big SQL is part of IBM BigInsights that allows you to access your HDFS data by providing a logical view to it. You can use the same SQL that was developed for your data warehouse data on your HDFS data. This course will provide some context on why you would use Big SQL followed by how to use Big SQL to access your data. It will also cover Big SQL federation allowing you to join various data sources with Big SQL. Big SQL also integrates with a number of other components including Spark, HBase and BigSheets.
You should be familiar with SQL, Hadoop, and the Linux file system.
1 Days
This intermediate course is designed for developers and administrators that want to use Big SQL to access and administer their Hadoop data
Course Topics
The objectives of this course are: Using Big SQL to access HDFS data Understand how Big SQL fits in the Hadoop architecture Accessing and using Big SQL Loading data into Big SQL tables Querying HDFS data using Big SQL Creating Big SQL schemas and tables List and understand the Big SQL data types Querying Big SQL tables Administering and managing Big SQL tables Understanding Big SQL data access plans Controlling data access using column masking and row-based access control Using Big SQL statistics to improve query performance Data federation using Big SQL Understand the concept of Big SQL federation List the supported data sources Set up and configure a federation server to use different data sources Using Big SQL operations on tables managed by HBase Describe the basic function of HBase Issuing basic HBase commands Using Big SQL to create and query HBase tables Mapping HBase columns to Big SQL Exploring data modeling options Using Spark operations on tables managed by Big SQL Describe the purpose and role of Spark and DataFrames Querying and manipulating Big SQL data through Spark

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