IBM Campaign Architecture and Installation 9.x - 9U23G

In this course, you will learn what the components of an enterprise installation of IBM Campaign are, and then practice an installation and configuration of those components in an eLab environment. The emphasis is on the hands-on experience of the installation.
You should have taken: IBM Campaign Building Campaigns (9U01G) or equivalent
2 Days
This intermediate course is for: System implementers Administrators Consultants Those who are fulfilling another technical role
To provide you with technical competence in the installation of IBM Campaign, based on architectural knowledge. You will have working familiarity with, and be able to identify, the architecture - components, structure, and relationships - of IBM Campaign and the IBM Omni-Channel Marketing Platform, including the OCM reporting architecture. You will have had first-hand experience in IBM Omni-Channel Marketing installation and be able to to refer back to the architecture you've learned and match the components you install with the architecture and identify key topics and issues that affect an installation.

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