IBM Case Manager: Configure Security (v5.3.2) - F2920G

Training Summary
In this course you will configure security for IBM Case Manager environments and solutions. You will work with project areas, control access to cases, and create security configurations. You will deploy a solution in a new environment and use a security configuration package file to manage solution security. You will customize security settings with a custom privilege definition and use security proxies to automate security changes.
Knowledge of Case Manager concepts, such as case management, case, solution, task. Ability to build, validate, deploy, and test solutions. or Build an IBM Case Manager Solution V5.3.2 (classroom)(F2910G) or Build an IBM Case Manager SolutionV5.3.2 (self-paced)(F2919G)
1 Day
This course is for system administrators who maintain IBM Case Manager environments and for solution architects who must plan security requirements for their solutions.
Course Topics
Configure security in an IBM Case Manager development environment. Create a security configuration package file. Export a solution and a security configuration package file to a new environment. Use a security configuration to apply security settings in a new environment. Customize security settings. Cloud & Data Platform. Integration. Digital Business Automation Market. Digital Business Automation Portfolio. Workflow - Legacy.

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