IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager Implementation - Getting Started with Private Cloud for PowerVM Administrators - QZC20G

IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager, a cloud offering in the PowerVC family, provides a self-service cloud portal for IBM Power Systems and is built on OpenStack. It also includes all the functions of the IBM PowerVC Standard Edition.  It provides an easy way to provision and manage virtual machines on PowerVM based systems in a private or hybrid cloud setting. This course aims to provide an overall understanding of IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager. It has been written to teach everything from the basics of installing IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager to performing advanced cloud based administrative tasks and  will enable anyone who is interested in implementing IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager solutions. The course will also attempt to clarify the concepts involved in planning, deploying and implementing IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager. It will cover the basics of cloud computing from a technology standpoint as it is today, the product architecture of IBM Cloud PowerVC Manager, explain its major components and benefits while showing how to implement the solution. It will also cover configurations that an administrator must be aware of by showing multiple use cases.  
2 Days
Enrollment in this course is not restricted. Typical students may include: • Customers • Technical IBM personnel • Business Partner technical personnel • IT consultants and architects

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