IBM Cognos 10 Creating Data Models with Transformer

This course introduces data modeling techniques with IBM Cognos' Transformer. Topics include IBM Cognos overview, planning and designing models, creating data sources for Transformer, creating single query and multiquery models, building dimension maps and measures, designing advanced dimensions, building multi-cube models and more. The course format includes lecture, instructor-led exercises and independent workshops.
A basic knowledge of IBM Cognos 10, IBM Cognos 10 Analysis Studio or PowerPlay Studio, Windows, Internet Explorer, and browser techniques is recommended.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class is designed for Developers and other users, who will create, maintain, and build models and cubes using Transformer.
Overview of IBM Cognos 10::Overview of Cubes, Models and Transformer::Planning Your Model::Create a Simple Transformer Model::Create Dimensions::Measures::Time and Relative Time::Advanced Dimensions::Build and Deploy Cubes::Custom Views and Security::Model Maintenance::Summary

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