IBM Cognos Analytics: Author Reports Fundamentals (v11.0.x) French - B6158FG

Training Summary
This offering provides Business and Professional Authors with an introduction to report building techniques using relational data models. Techniques to enhance, customize, and manage professional reports will be explored. Activities will illustrate and reinforce key concepts during this learning opportunity. This is a fully translated French course - all materials including the lab environment are provided in French. �To see a translated overview of this course, visit
Knowledge of your business requirements IBM Cognos Analytics for Consumers (v11.0) WBT or equivalent knowledge
3 Days
Report Authors
Course Topics
What is IBM Cognos Analytics � Reporting Examine dimensionally modelled and dimensional data sources Examine personal data sources and data modules Examine List reports Aggregate measure/fact data Use shared dimensions to create multi-fact queries Add repeated information to reports Create crosstab reports Create complex crosstab reports Format, sort, and aggregate data in a crosstab report Create discontinuous crosstab reports Create Visualization reports Add business logic to reports using IBM Cognos Analytics � Reporting Focus reports using filters Focus reports using prompts Augment reports using calculations Extend report functionality in IBM Cognos Analytics - Reporting Customize reports with conditional formatting Conditionally format one crosstab measure based on another Drill-through definitions Enhance the report layout Use additional report building techniques Cloud Data and AI, AI Applications Market Planning Analytics & Cognos Cognos Analytics

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