IBM Counter Fraud Management: Hands-on Technical Primer (v2.x) - 9K020G (ISDR)

IBM SPECIAL DELIVERY REQUIRED COURSE: This ISDR course cannot be scheduled without IBM approval. If interested in this course, please contact your Local training Administrator.In this course, technical resources that will be involved in any aspect of deploying, customizing, and implementing the Counter Fraud Management solution will get a hands-on overview of the core components in the solution. Students will get an understanding of how data flows, what the components do, what type of data is used, and data processing and analysis. They will also gain an understanding of how various customizations occur, and, how to integrate all components to realize a complete ingestion and runtime analytic cycle.
Familiarity with Java or similar programming concepts Confidence in working on Microsoft Windows and/or Linux operating systems Basic relational database skills Ability to do basic SQL and understand xml, xsd, xslt and basic data mapping Familiarity and comfort with troubleshooting and problem determination processes Experience with middleware and multi-product solutions and integration methods including common Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) concepts
3 Days
Analytic and Application Developers creating CFM solutions IBM Lab Services and IBM Service Partners Implementers, Support, and Operations Personnel
After completing this class, students should be able to: Identify the main types of data stored and analyzed Understand how to ingest/map data into CFM Identify the strength and purpose of the various components. Create/develop simple analytic components and integrate them Enhance and customize various components at a basic level. Install.Other Software.IBM Counter Fraud Management.IBM Counter Fraud Management 2.0.0

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