IBM Endpoint Manager 9 Platform Fundamentals (TP403G)

Training Summary
IBM Endpoint Manager offers a unified management platform that automates and streamlines systems and security management for endpoints and servers. This course presents the fundamentals on the IBM Endpoint Manager platform, which is the core of the product and on which all layered applications exist. The course duration is three days and is intended to prepare administrators and operations staffers to fully leverage the product in their daily roles.Major topics for this delivery include product positioning, logical architecture, components, console usage, fundamental operations, Patch Management for Windows and Linux, LDAP integration, web reports and use case scenario-based troubleshooting.The lab environment for this course uses the VMWare platform.
A strong understanding of Microsoft Windows operating system is required.It is highly recommended but not required to have user skills with SUSE Linux.It is highly recommended but not required to have user skills with LDAP or Active Directory.Skills with the patching of operating systems are recommended.
3 Days/Lecture & Labs
This course is designed for administrators, operators, and those requiring an in-depth understanding of the foundational technologies of the IBM Endpoint Manager product.
Course Topics
  • Product Overview
  • Operations
  • Platform Configuration
  • Site Management
  • Patch management
  • Operator Administration
  • Platform Troubleshooting

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