IBM Enterprise Server in eCommerce & Open Systems

This course is designed to get the student up to speed quickly in all the latest eCommerce and Open Systems technology as it relates to the IBM Enterprise Server (OS/390) platform. This course emphasizes on implementation and deployment on the OS/390 platform, the advantages over other systems, major technical considerations, and the skills required to work with the new eCommerce and Open System. The topics are presented from an Enterprise Server perspective so that the student will be better prepared to support the eCommerce and Web initiatives of their organization.
The student must have a strong technical background in OS/390 and support programs with a need to better understand the Open System World and its relationship to OS/390.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for technical individuals with the responsibility of integrating and using OS/390 in the new Open World.
UNIX System Services::TCP/IP application programming::Web server on OS/390 and WebSphere on OS/390::Security on the Internet::eBusiness connectors

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