IBM i Security

This course provides a thorough understanding of the concepts and administration of IBM i security. Students are taught to control and administer these functions using terminal emulator (green screen) displays and IBM i Navigator.
Students should understand the 5250 and/or IBM i Navigator interfaces, and how to access operating system menus and facilities. Students should have an understanding of IBM i operating system structure, and know how to use IBM i help facilities and commands.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for IBM i system administrators, security managers, programmers, or those supporting or managing these positions, including: -System Administrators-Data Center Managers-IT Management-Operators & Operations Supervisors-Support Center and Help Desk Staff & Managers.
  • System Overview & Architecture
  • Security Overview
  • Security Menus
  • Security Commands
  • Security Related System Values
  • Creating & Managing User Profiles
  • User Classes & Special Authorities
  • Group Profiles
  • Authorization Lists
  • Limited Capabilities
  • Assist Menu & System Request Display
  • Securing Objects
  • Securing Programs
  • Program Adoption of Authority
  • Auditing Facilities
  • Network Security
  • Exit Programs

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