IBM i System Operations

In the 'IBM i System Operations" workshop, you'll learn how to manage daily operations tasks on your IBM i server. This class gives you the skills you'll need to control your system, including jobs, job queues, output queues, and basic work management. You'll also learn how to save and restore objects, and how to troubleshoot basic operations problems.
In order to successfully complete this course, students should have completed the following courses, or have equivalent knowledge/experience:-IBM i Concepts
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class is primarily oriented toward system operators, but will also be appropriate for system administrators and programmers.
  • The IBM i User Interface
  • Using Menus
  • Getting Help
  • Using Assistance Levels
  • Work Management Concepts
  • Subsystems And Subsystem Descriptions
  • Job Queues
  • Output Queues
  • Controlling Jobs
  • Working With Batch Jobs
  • Using Job Logs
  • Managing Printer Output
  • Working With Printers And Output Queues
  • Sending, Displaying and Responding to Messages
  • Working With Message Queues
  • The QSYSOPR Message Queue
  • Backup And Recovery
  • Device Configuration Basics
  • Displaying And Changing Device Status
  • Displaying A Device Description
  • Checking Up On Your System
  • Cleaning Up Your System
  • Using the Operations Navigator Graphical Interface

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