IBM InfoSphere Data Replication (IIDR) for Everyone

Training Summary
You are about to embark on implementation of IIDR and not sure what it is all about. Come to this course to learn the details about implementing and using IIDR. We begin with an introduction to the product, its components, and terminology. Included in the introduction is a brief look at what it takes to install the product. From there we move into a look at SQL Replication and its usage. Then it is onto Q Replication and its usage. We will also discuss a little bit of performance for both SQL Replication and Q Replication. Next we will provide an overview of IBM MQ and what it takes to implement the Q Replication resources. This does include some performance topics and the need to have multiple “paths” between MQ queue managers. While the course is based upon IIDR 11.4 on z/OS, a later version of the course will include IIDR usage on Linux, UNIX, and Windows.
The course is aimed at DBA’s, SYSADM’s, and application technical support personnel with at least 1 year experience in support of IBM Db2. The attendee should also have a good understanding of TSO/ISPF and z/OS JCL. A basic knowledge of IBM MQ is considered a plus.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
The course is aimed at DBA’s, application technical support personnel, Db2 SYSADM’s, plus anyone wanting to understand the details involved in using IIDR.
Course Topics
  • Product Overview
  • SQL Replication
  • Q Replication
  • Overview of IBM MQ
  • Performance Considerations
  • Trouble Shooting

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