IBM InfoSphere DataStage - Introduction Training

Training Summary
The Introduction to DataStage course is designed to introduce the student to the world of ETL job development leveraging the high-performance nature of the DataStage environment. Our course is designed around a number of concepts and scenarios. This is achieved by the following: Learning in a "Open Workshop" environment. Every concept is explained, demonstrated by the instructor, and then the student demonstrates the concept A logical organization of discussion topics centered around "Concepts and Scenarios" Enhanced lab exercises based on real-world work scenarios Group exercises meant
Basic SQL and Programming knowledge
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This class is designed for the beginning developer who wants to how to use IBM InfoSphere DataStage to perform Extraction, Transformation, and Loading techniques via programmatic logic.
Course Topics
  • Introduction to InfoSphere DataStage
  • Parallel Job Development Methods
  • Transforming Data in DataStage
  • Debugging ETL jobs

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