IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 System Administration Bootcamp - D8L89G

In this course, you will: Be introduced to basic concepts that provide the foundation for Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes Practice performing basic administration tasks using the Lotus Domino Administrator client Install and configure a basic infrastructure with a single domain using an existing deployment plan Set up replication and mail routing in the single-domain environment Perform standard server maintenance and troubleshooting tasks Register and maintain Notes and non-Notes users Note: This course covers the entire core Lotus Domino 8.5 system administration curriculum which is normally taught in 6 days. While the course duration is condensed to 5 days, the course content is not condensed; therefore, this bootcamp offering covers the material at an accelerated pace, and could require participants to attend extended classroom hours.
You should have previous experience: As a network administrator or mail system administrator, and Using the Lotus Notes 8 Client
5 Days
This intermediate course is system administrators new to Lotus Domino who need to acquire a foundational knowledge and working experience with the Lotus Domino 8 administration tools and who are responsible for: Installing and setting up of the initial, basic Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes 8 infrastructure Setting up Domino Mail servers in the corporate intranet and extranet (i.e. Internet) environment Monitoring and maintaining an existing Lotus Domino 8 infrastructure Managing Notes and non-Notes users in a Domino domain

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