IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 System Administration Bootcamp - D8L89G

In this course, you will: Be introduced to basic concepts that provide the foundation for Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes Practice performing basic administration tasks using the Lotus Domino Administrator client Install and configure a basic infrastructure with a single domain using an existing deployment plan Set up replication and mail routing in the single-domain environment Perform standard server maintenance and troubleshooting tasks Register and maintain Notes and non-Notes users Note: This course covers the entire core Lotus Domino 8.5 system administration curriculum which is normally taught in 6 days. While the course duration is condensed to 5 days, the course content is not condensed; therefore, this bootcamp offering covers the material at an accelerated pace, and could require participants to attend extended classroom hours.
You should have previous experience: As a network administrator or mail system administrator, and Using the Lotus Notes 8 Client
5 Days
This intermediate course is system administrators new to Lotus Domino who need to acquire a foundational knowledge and working experience with the Lotus Domino 8 administration tools and who are responsible for: Installing and setting up of the initial, basic Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes 8 infrastructure Setting up Domino Mail servers in the corporate intranet and extranet (i.e. Internet) environment Monitoring and maintaining an existing Lotus Domino 8 infrastructure Managing Notes and non-Notes users in a Domino domain
Examine the Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes Architecture Perform Basic Administration Tasks Examine Lotus Domino Security Mechanisms Examine Mail Routing in Lotus Domino Examine Lotus Domino Replication Extend Lotus Domino Environment Install and set up the first Lotus Domino server and administrator Set up servers in the Lotus Domino domain Add Lotus Notes workstations to the Lotus Domino domain Set up the administration environment Set up the replication schedule to synchronize Lotus Domino system databases in the domain Configure intranet Lotus Domino mail routing Configure internet mail routing Enable message controls Enable server and messaging monitoring Troubleshoot common mail setup problems Manage Users Manage Groups Manage Non-Notes and Notes Clients Deploy Composite Applications Manage Servers Update Servers Set Up Server Monitoring Use Domino Domain Monitoring Monitor Server Performance Resolve Server Problems Resolve User Problems

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