IBM Marketing Operations 9.x Marketing Contributor - 9U11G

This course provides an introduction the IBM Marketing Operations from the point of view of a Marketing Contributor.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Days
You should attend this intermediate course if you are new to IBM Marketing Operations and use it in a contributor role and/or need an introduction to its capabilities prior to its implementation at your site.
Have working familiarity with the components of the IBM Marketing Suite and also understand the role and function of IBM Marketing Operations within it. Focus on the typical tasks that a Marketing Contributor completes with IBM Marketing Operations. Use IBM Marketing Operations to find tasks assigned to you, and respond to them in any of several ways. Locate information in IBM Marketing Operations about any of the central business processes managed there. Request new marketing projects. Work with digital assets and understand their role in project information stored in IBM Marketing Operations. Communicate information about your project work by using alerts. Create and respond to approvals.

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